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Physical space has boundaries. What you do with it is limitless.


At Roxborough, our greatest source of inspiration is the vision of our clients. We use a hands-on, collaborative approach to design spaces that incorporate the unique lifestyle, needs and personality of each client. The result is beautiful, original homes that are as comfortably elegant as they are functional.


Roxborough founder and lead designer, Sandra Kenney, has been helping clients discover the aesthetic and functional potential of their living spaces for over ten years. Her philosophy is simple: “Every client has a vision for how they want to live and every space has a story it wants to tell. Design is about honouring both to tell a new story.”
Sandra holds an MBA and began her design career with twenty years’ experience in executive roles with global corporations. Her unique understanding of design and spatial relationships is matched by a disciplined, “business-first” approach that ensures budgets are viable and all projects are closely tied to return on investment.


Hayden Street

Niagara Parkway

Chestnut Park

Ricardo Street


Scrivener Square


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